Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let's Have an Honest Anthropogenic Global Warming Debate

The debate on anthropogenic global warming is quite a bit cloudier, thanks to the release of the CRU emails. In the emails, we see 'scientists' discussing ways to help push a political agenda. They do this through using doctored and inaccurate data and intimidation tactics against journals to remove a "troublesome editor." What happened to real science, where scientists reported on facts?

Real science seems to be subverted by something known as 'Post-normal science.' This post-modern approach states science must "re-invent itself as a political tool." The idea espoused by this post-normal science group is, surprise, that the data must be made to fit a specific narrative.

One of the major narrative we're all familiar with is Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). This "Man Made Global Disaster" idea is based on questionable science, science that drops information that doesn't fit their story. In fact, the whole AGW thing is more akin to a religion or political stance instead of real science.

If you want to have a real discussion about global warming, then show us your data and let's discuss why there are two climate events (Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age) are not included in your hockey stick model.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Awesome Visual Aid

Ramirez has a great way of boiling down an issue and presenting it in a manner that makes the issue easily understood. Case in Point:

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thoughts on Obama's Recent Speech

Overall, I'm not too impressed with President Obama's speech (full text courtesy of the LA Times). The main issue I have is how his troop announcement came with a timeline. Very bad. Read the notes below.

  1. Paragraphs 5-6 – I’m glad he mentions the international and bipartisan nature of the beginning of the conflict. The US didn’t just ‘go rogue’ in Afghanistan.
  2. Paragraph 8 – Blame Bush comes in. Notice there is no defining the largely bi-partisan vote that went into this decision.
  3. Paragraph 10 (end) – If the efforts have been hampered by “insufficient Security Forces,” then why has it taken so long for Pres. Obama to make the decision to send more? He had information on what was needed before he even officially took office (note the highlighted text in the domestic speech, and see the international press confirmation) .
  4. Paragraphs 21-28 – This actually sounds fairly presidential. President Obama states the case that most ‘right minded’ Americans know. I like the reference to extremists apprehended ‘within our borders.’ Everyone knows the danger to the US, and Democracy, will “only grow if the region slides backwards.” And Obama acknowledges this is a global threat, one that needs more participation from our allies.
  5. Paragraph 33 - You’re giving a timeline for withdrawal already? Really? If you’re going to “tak[e] into account conditions on the ground,” then shouldn’t you leave it at that? What if everything is not copacetic by your deadline? Or, being the intelligent folks they are, what if the enemy simply decides to disappear until after the deadline? And just 2 years? Are you kidding me? That’s not nearly enough time to get the job done. This is troublesome. Of course, the date is no coincidence. July 2011 is basically campaigning season for Presidential candidates. It’s far enough away from the election day to claim “Leaving Afghanistan” as a political victory, while close enough to election day to help ensure security won’t totally go to sh!t before the (possible) reelection for candidate Obama.
  6. Paragraphs 40-43 – I agree with President Obama’s stance on Pakistan. I think we need to have closer ties to the nation if we are to have lasting influence in the region. Concentrating solely on Afghanistan would not solve the problem.
  7. Paragraphs 46-46 – I’m glad Obama puts to rest the whole “Afghanistan is Vietnam” mantra. It couldn’t be further from the truth. His main point, ‘they attacked us first,’ is germane to the whole reason we’re there.
  8. Paragraph 49-55 – So, President Obama wants to include a timeframe to establish a “reasonable cost” so we don’t go beyond “our means?” Why not simply define the objectives and leave when they’re done, instead of informing the enemy you plan to pull out? And does he think we can’t rebuild the economy without cutting costs in the War on Terrorism? He’s sadly mistaken about what will actually help the economy. If limiting the National Debt and building our economy were really more than mouthed words to him, he would work to reassure businesses here at home that his policies won’t put them in the poor house. So far, he hasn’t been a big supporter of free enterprise (Note the sub-heading “Creditors Take Hit”) and contract law.
  9. Paragraph 56 – If the “struggle against violent extremism” won’t be finished quickly, why the heck is he going to cut and run in Afghanistan after only 2 years?
  10. Paragraph 57 – Confront extremists with “pressure and strong partnerships?” Yeah, because that’s worked so well in Iran.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Great Video About "Public Option" Healthcare

This is a great video that illustrates why a government run 'public option' is not really about competition. It seems the healthcare bills publicized recently are more about giving more control to our Federal Government and less about real solutions.

Monday, November 9, 2009

President Obama Doesn't Like You, America

It's abundantly clear to me that President Obama has problems with America, what we should stand for and who our allies should be. He's ignoring history and the lessons we've learned. Instead, he seems to kowtow to our enemies and snub our friends. The latest snub? Not appearing in Germany at what is arguably one of the great moments in modern history.

Paul Rahe, at Power Line Blog, has a great write up.

"If we are to comprehend what is going on, we must pay close attention not only to what Obama says but to what he conveys in other ways. His tone is nearly always moderate but what he hints at and what he intimates by way of body language often convey the opposite Witness his warm embrace of Hugo Chavez. Behind the thin veneer of politeness, there is, I suspect, something ugly lurking. In the first of the autobiographies that he claims to have written, Barack Obama frequently speaks of himself as being in the grips of rage. We would do well to take him at his word."

Reading his words really brought home how little the current president thinks of this nation. Read the whole article.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Now THIS is Real Healthcare Reform

The Republicans have an alternative Healthcare bill, which you wouldn't guess based on the news coverage it's received. This bill would be an alternative to the bill(s) Reid and Pelosi have tried to get through the House and the Senate. The Republican Healthcare bill does several necessary things to help lower the overall cost of healthcare.

  • Number one: let families and businesses buy health insurance across state lines.
  • Number two: allow individuals, small businesses, and trade associations to pool together and acquire health insurance at lower prices, the same way large corporations and labor unions do.
  • Number three: give states the tools to create their own innovative reforms that lower health care costs.
  • Number four: end junk lawsuits that contribute to higher health care costs by increasing the number of tests and procedures that physicians sometimes order not because they think it's good medicine, but because they are afraid of being sued.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Republican bill would cost around $61 Billion (a fraction of the $1 Trillion needed for the Democratic bill) and, here's the kicker, DECREASE the deficit by $68 Billion!!

Now that's Healthcare reform I can get behind.

Hat Tip - Hot Air

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The RNC Has Been Warned

Seems like the Republican National Committee should wake up and see. The Republicans made a come back in recent elections, quashing the idea the party was dead. However, they made these gains because conservative thoughts, not some specific party, are the core of America's success. RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are not easily tolerated. Just ask Dede Scozzafava.

In a special election, one without a primary, she was ousted from contention by a real Conservative who ran as an Independent. When she dropped out of the race, who did she endorse? The Democrat. Very telling. This means people want a real Conservative, not just a Republican. It means people are voting on principle, not party.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is How I Feel

It seems odd that the Dems and Obama are trying to go ahead with a public option to healthcare reform when all of the evidence points to the fact that it will simply increase costs and decrease quality for everyone. Of course, Obama could always just disagree with the guy who happens to have a PhD. in economics. I mean, if the dictionary is wrong, who's right?

I still say that expanding healthcare coverage and reducing costs are competing goals that cannot be achieved at the same time.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Somewhere, Someone is Already Saying, "Racist!"

A new book out, "Architects of Ruin" will undoubtedly draw criticism as a "racist" book. Why? Because it points out that lending to unqualified minority home buyers, individuals who normally couldn't get loans, helped lead to the housing bubble bursting. Mind you, all of his suppositions are supported by hard data from recent studies, including studies showing there was no real evidence of racism in lending.

Of special note is how liberal activists pressured lenders to loosen their normal lending standards to give loans to minority people who might not normally qualify. My question is, who is surprised if someone not generally considered a good risk takes out a loan and then doesn't pay it back?

The author, Peter Schweizer, posted an excellent overview of the book on the Power Line blog. In his overview, Schweizer points out that, "The real culprits [of the housing bubble] are the social activists and their allies in Washington who pushed an activist agenda. They helped to propel us into the mortgage crisis we face today."

Definitely recommended reading.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Temperature Must Be Dropping...

and demons are wearing sweaters. Why?

Because I read an article from the Huffington Post I completely agree with. Mind you, the author (Stephen Gyllenhaal) and I may be approaching things from totally different directions, but it seems odd we both end up in the same place.

The point of the article is that Mr. "Hope and Change" Obama, in fact all of the 'power brokers' at the top, have not changed at all. Big Government is still rewarding "Stupid" friends in Big Business. I can't say I'm surprised. It's one of the reasons I would like less government control and more market controls.

The scary point for My. Gyllenhaal is when he finds a quote from Timothy McVeigh he agrees with.

I can understand his feelings.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Way to Win in Afghanistan

I have immense respect for Steven Pressfield after reading his novel, Gates of Fire. In his online blog, he turns his critical eye on Afghanistan and the current conflict there. Most agree there needs to be a change in the way we conduct the war there, if we plan to 'win.' It's obvious to embedded reporters, like Michael Yon, that the war is not going well. General McChrystal believes we can win, but only if he is given the right tools and the resources needed to fight.

The question to ask is,"Who are we fighting in Afghanistan and how do we figth them?" Stephen Pressfield's answer is very telling. See the initial article in the continuing series on how we need to rethink the conflict.

Simply having more troops will not work. We need to refocus our energy and create a real alliance with the tribes in Afghanistan.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Leader Looks Like a Wimp Compared to... The French??

Okay, something is wrong when the French President is tougher on Iran than the US President. I mean, doesn't this quote sound like some Bizzarro world version of a news story, "[French] President Sarkozy in particular pushed hard [to confront Iran]. He had been "frustrated" for months about Mr. Obama's reluctance to confront Iran, a senior French government official told us, and saw an opportunity to change momentum." Instead, we find Obama didn't want to spoil his 'image of success' for the first UN meeting he attended.

So, we have a President who causes the French to say, "America needs to be tougher." A President who is more concerned with the appearance of success instead of actually doing real work for success. Wow. Could an "inexperienced" leader, like Sarah Palin, have done any worse?

Hat Tip - Powerline

Monday, September 28, 2009

Debate on Morality

Wow! This video is really incredible. It looks at "morality" from a different perspective than some may think. It essentially says, in the search for the 'real' we must all, conservative and liberal alike, give up some of our preconceived ideas about 'good' and 'evil' morality.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow!! Do We Have Another President Wishing to Reform Language?

So, the last president to get into language peccadilloes was a Democrat who carefully guided the conversation about his philanderings, and if he lied about them. This time, we have a Democrat who won't acknowledge the new healthcare bill would be a tax on people, even though the bill itself includes the word "tax" not once, but twice.

Guess what, when you try to set yourself up as the lone authority on EVERYTHING, people tend to believe you have dictatorial tendencies and stop trusting you. See the video of Obama attempting to singlehandedly redefine the English language below.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Awesome!

I saw this image and just couldn't resist reposting it.

I suppose, if you're going to help out the community, you should be recognized for your efforts.

Hat Tip - Hot Air

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Big ACORN Story... or Not?

So, if you're an independent minded person who surfs multiple political sites on the web, you've probably run across the Big Government web site's continuing story about ACORN. Even the liberal news site Huffington Post has an article about it. CNN has some coverage of the story, but you have to search for it.

Apparently, a national organization that receives Federal funds offering illegal advice doesn't draw repoting from most main stream news outlets. When they do report it, they sound more like apologists instead of investigatory news agencies.

So my thought for everyone out there is watch the videos, read the transcripts, review the reporting then make up your own mind. Believe me, this story is far from over.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Short, Powerful Article

One phrase I've heard before is about a "war to the knife." The idea is that you fight hard, until the job is done, even if you have to get up close. This means fighting until your enemy is well and truly defeated and not capitulating because the way is hard for you.

Today, I read a great article in Real Clear Politics by David Warren. His article talks about how the Allies stopped short of completing the job in WWI, which inevitably led to WWII. He rightly points out that something similar happened in Iraq during the first Gulf War, which necessitated the need for Gulf War II to finish the job and remove the destabilising dictator, Saddam Hussein.

As Warren continues his article, he points to mistakes happening now, mistakes that are allowing our War on Terror to flag and weakening our country. That he manages to cover all of this so clearly in under 800 makes this a must read article.

Hat Tip - Hot Air

Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember the Fallen

Today is a day to remember. Today, we all should take a moment and think about what happened 8 years ago. We were attacked because our way of life, our foibles, our freedoms insulted their religion.

We should nver forget. We should always remember that Radical Islamists, supported by men who grow rich off of a product they sell in our country to fuel our lives, took advantage of our modern marvels to wound us.

Hat Tip - Power Line

Something More to Add

I'm sure that many blogs and web sites will publish great articles by paid pundits about the meaning of this date. Even the "progressive" site has analysis of the importance of the date.

To me, many of these paid pundits' arguements pale in comparison to the words of "Doctor Zero," an unpaid writer who posted a short article at's Greenroom. His post, "Falling Through Fire," stirred my heart. Doctor Zero correctly points out that the same courage and fortitude that stiffened the backs of the men on Bunker Hill helped the resolve of the individuals on Flight 93.

Read the entire article to feel the full effect.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama's Plan to Help HR3200

So, in the wake of the vigorous debate and reaction against the Democratically sponsored legislation to reform Health Care in the US, President Obama feels it is necessary that he step forward to clarify the Federal Government's position.

Michael Ramirez's cartoon pre-sages how successful this will be.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

This is What I Want

The Hot Air web site allows certain private individuals to post comments and short articles. Occaisionally, one of the articles is promoted out of the discussion area and displayed on the main site. One recent article, I ran across really underlines what needs to happen in Congress.

Recall that one of the main reasons the Democrats were able to make a come back in Congress was because of the failings of the Republicans in office. Instead of focusing on what their constituents wanted, these Republicans kept pushing through bills that lined their own pockets. This pork barrel spending is more akin to what people expect from "Big Government" Democrats than "Small Government" Republicans.

The article lays out, from a rational American's perspective, what Republicans will have to do to take advantage of the weakness in the Democratic-led Legislature. This includes "reductions in government speding" and "address health care." Read the full text of the article for more.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Great Rebuttal of Flawed Logic

This video is amazing! It takes an argument started by a "Progressive" and totally destroys it. Amazing!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Straight Talk About Real Healthcare Reform... From a Business Man

John Mackey, the CEO of Whole Foods, has caught quite a bit of flack for his opposition to the Democratic Healthcare Reforms being positted in Congress. However, this successful business man has gone a step beyond opposing an obviously flawed policy. He's presented a viable alternative in his Wall Street Journal Op-Ed piece.

When you read about the changes he wants to make, it makes a lot of sense. His focus is to have reforms that are "financially responsible" and that all individuals "the freedom to choose docotors and health-care services that best suit our own unique set of lifestyle choices." This is not something we would get under the current Democratically authored legislation being bandied about in the legislative branch.

I think some of the issue the "progressives" have with Mackey's arguement is his correct assertion that healthcare is not a right. Here is a short quote.

"Many promoters of health-care reform believe that people have an intrinsic ethical right to health care—to equal access to doctors, medicines and hospitals. While all of us empathize with those who are sick, how can we say that all people have more of an intrinsic right to health care than they have to food or shelter?

Health care is a service that we all need, but just like food and shelter it is best provided through voluntary and mutually beneficial market exchanges. A careful reading of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution will not reveal any intrinsic right to health care, food or shelter. That’s because there isn’t any. This “right” has never existed in America."

Read the rest of the article for a good dose of reality from a succesful business man. Politicians could learn a thing or two from his real world ideas.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Voice of Reason in the Health Care Debate

Doctor Vance Harris, quoted at CNN, brings up some very valid points about some of the issues with health care reform. The doctor points out the increasing difficulty of finding primary care physicians for the current crop of patients, a problem that would only be exacerbated by flooding doctor's offices with more individuals.

Dr. Harris points out that his real icome has gone down, even as his office saves hundreds of thousands of dollars by suggesting treatments other than the most invasive techniques. His educational contributions help patients monitor their own condition and curb the need for expensive treatments.

His point is that, in the healthcare reform debate, "No one is talking about [the growing lack of primary care physicians] on the national level." Instead, we have people yelling it's their 'right' to have high quality health care. High quality healthcare is kind of hard when there is expected to be a 39,000 primary care physician shortage by 2020.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

This is What I'm Afraid Of!

One reason healthcare in the US is expensive is because America (and American companies) generate almost HALF of all medical innovations in the world. This includes new, life saving procedures as well as new prescription medications. Now, if Health Insurance Reform passes, with some sort of public option to "increase competition," where does that leave innovation?

Yeah, that's pretty much what I was afraid of.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Congressman in the Right Frame of Mind

Well, it's nice to see that not all Legislators are snowballed into thinking we need to rush to pass the current ObamaCare bill floating in the House or the Senate. In the video, it's obvious the network reporters are avid supporters of the bill. At one point, one reporter talks about giving every American the opportunity to have the same great healthcare the Legislators have. Representative Ryan quickly points out that what they have is the ability to choose from several private healthcare plans.

My favortie quote comes around 4:45, when Representative Ryan states.
"You're using capitalist rhetoric to try and move a plan that is inherantly anti-market." Of course the supporters are using capitalist rheatoric. At heart, almost everyone is a capitalist. Watch the whole thing.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Healthcare Funny

I love this play on prescription drug ads.

I think we can all agree, the side effects are worse than the cure.

A Real Health Care Reform Aternative

After busting the myths associated with the Left's debate about why we need socialized medicine, this article by Governor Jindal in the Wall Street Journal is a natural step. He lays out some great points. If real health care reform is the goal of the Left, then these items he mentioned are worth debating. Jindal's suggestions would help decrease the cost of health care, while at the same time leaving choice for care where it ultimately needs to belong, with the individual.

What do you want to bet, though, that these items are not included anywhere in what the Democrats are proposing?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Great Video Recap of Nationalized Healthcare Experience

It's interesting that, when the progressive seems to be losing the arguement, his first step is to indulge in ad hominem attacks. Nothing facutal, just throwing around terms like "fear mongerer" and such. Me? I prefer a logical discussion that talks about the real consequences.

Another Screed Against Government Run Healthcare

This wonderful article, Health Care Mythology (also posted and linked here), should help people understand all of the points about the Health Care debate currently happening in Congress. There are several Myths, things that everyone just KNOWS are true. In this article, Mr. Asness points out how each of these several views is flawed.

One notion he keeps mentioning, one which has not received a lot of attention, is how the United States is currently absorbing the cost of invention for much of the world. The explicit example he provides is related to Canada and their "cheap drugs." Now, if someone else is paying part of your costs, is the real total cost of the product cheap? No

Read the entire article to help dispell the myths foisted on us by our Left leaning Congress and their helpers, the Mass Media.

Hat Tip - Crossfit

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The BS Package is Not Working

This article from the Washington Post gives a really good report on the BS Package and why the economy isn't really moving. Of course, the 'BS Package "was mostly a political exercise, designed to claim credit for any recovery, shower benefits on favored constituencies and signal support for fashionable causes." The author mentions the package was "an orgy of politically appealing spending increases and tax breaks." As if we didn't see that coming.

With an open ended spending bill that no one read being rushed through, of course the authors are going to put in a bunch of projects they couldn't fund otherwise. And, of course, there are issues with oversight and fraud in any government program, especially one as large as this. Heck, the bill isn't even creating jobs, as it was intended to do1.

Tell me again why we had to rush passage of this bill?

1 - Notice the date on the articles, February vs. May. Same Network, different news.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Healthy Reminder

The Healthcare Debate right now is not new. Reagan talked about this during his time as well. The year is 1961, when another nationalized healthcare bill was being put forth. Like today, the call went out becuase of a trumped up "Great emergency." And if you dare to doubt the need for this Federal Government oversight, supporters will challenge you on an emotional basis.

Reagan quotes one of our Founding Fathers when he talks about the introduction and success of Socialism as a "gradual and silent encroachment instead of through violent means." Reagan did not support intrusive government. He talks about how we have "the right and the ability" to make our own choices. Abdicating this responsibility to our governemtn means we are no longer free.

Hear more of the speech below:

My favorite quote:

"Governments don't tax to get the money they need. Governments will always find a need for the money they get."

Hat Tip - Hot Air

Monday, July 13, 2009

Why the West is Slowly Sinking

Why is the Western world slowing losing influence globally? The short asnwer is an over-reliance on large regulations to "fix" everything. In this article from the Wall Street Journal, Mark Steyn discusses the trend in more detail. The book he references, Soft Despotism, Democracy's Drift, is now on my reading list.

It's interesting to me the idea of men giving up their freedom of choice is not a new idea. The books author Paul Rahe references thinkers almost two hundred of years old, yet still relevant. What we see in the West is a soft slide to more state intervention and control. No major event or revolution, just an apathetic slouching towards control by the few.

Seems Devo was right, "Freedom from choice... It's what you want."

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Stimulus Funny

This wouldn't be so funny, except it's true.

The BS Package has produced no new jobs, it's intended goal. In fact, the job numbers are worse than those projected for the country by Obama's administration if we had 'done nothing.'

Hat Tip - Hot Air

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Reasons to Hate Cap and Trade

The Cap and Trade bill keeps looking worse and worse. Not only will it put the brakes on our economy and become a hidden tax, it will limit personal choice and freedom when it comes to our homes. 'How?' you ask. By including regulations in Section 304 of the bill that allow more governmental intrusion, based on requiring more energy effiencies for your house. For a better look at Section 304, review this article from the American Issues Project web site. The tone is a bit alarmist but, based on how laws can be twisted to have unintended consequences, not too much of a stretch.

Tie the problems with Cap and Trade legislation in with the fact that anthropogenic global warming doesn't seem real, and it just looks like the "Environment Police" are going too far. The more I read about Cap and Trade (something already tried in Europe, with no real positive effects), the more I think it's a bad bill. But you already knew that.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Relevant Healthcare Numbers

This article from Hot Air lists some pretty good numbers to keep in mind as we discuss and debate the possibility of "Universal Healthcare."

Some highlights that caught my attention involved the "Health Care Ranking" for the U.S. by the World Health Organization. What was relevant was his statement that "no U.S. citizens travel" to higher ranked countries when they have a life-threatening illness. Especially check out the link on how the ranking system works.

Also of importance is the information on how our current government-run health systems are working out right now. Massive fraud, extremely high costs and no real funding. And they want to expand this? Incredible.

Check out all of the links to see the source for the numbers. A well researched, well put together article.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why Slow is Better Than Fast

I wish our Congress worked slower. Seriously. It would be much better for the country if Congress went slow instead of fast. Slow is deliberate. Slow is contemplative. Slow is unhurried and just-in-time. Slow allows us to consider the ramifications of the bills (if passed) and determine whether we want to live with the outcome or leave well enough alone.

This article at Reason dares to ask, "What would happen if we do nothing, instead of rushing in?" The author gives some good examples of bills with unintended consequences.

One he only mentions in passing, though, is the BS bill. Remember, this is a bill needed to save America. How are we doing? Not so good, acutally. The unemployment rate is almost 2 percentage points higher than projected with the stimulus package. And, get this, the current unemployment is about 1 percentage point higher than if the stimulus bill had not passed.

Seems like we've discussed before how the BS package has enormous waste and little actual stimulus. Of course, if Congress had actually read the bill before they passed it, they might have noticed this.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Cap and Trade Explained

Funy stuff, if it weren't so bad for the economy.

I love the part where he mentions that the effects are not measurable! Of course, this assumes there is an anthropogenic cause to global warming, which there isn't.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Press Might Finally Be Waking Up

When is an open forum not an open forum? When all of the questions are known ahead of time and the audience is there by invitation only. That is the issue with the Town Hall Meeting planned for today. Luckily, the press is waking up to this tight control on dissenting views.

According to Helen Thomas, a reporter with the Associated Press, "not even Richard Nixon tried to control the press the way President Obama is trying to control the press."

I just wonder when the rest of the press corp will wake up and smell the coffee.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Health Care Bill is not About Choice

The following video is a great summation of why the healthcare discussion currently in Congress is so important. Remember, any 'public option' healthcare program will have "changed [our nation] in damaging ways."

It is obvious the Obama administration is interested in a full single payer system. One thing to keep in mind is that any plan with a public option will not increase choice, but decrease it. It will do this by squeezing out the small companies first, as Democratic Representative Schakowsky from Illinois pointed out.

SO, can the president please explain how attacking smaller businesses and forcing them to close (with a large number of lost jobs) will "help increase competition" in the healthcare insurance market? It won't. Further, he knows it won't. He knows the "public option" plan is just a step towards fully socialized healthcare.

Call your Senators or Representatives and tell them to vote against a "public option" in healthcare.

Hat Tip - Hot Air

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Good Review of Why We Don't Need Government Run Health Care

Reading this Wall Street Journal article about government run health care is a quick review of why our private system is a better alternative. The author gives five reasons a government run health insurance system is a bad idea.

Of course, one strong arguement for individuals who believe in freedom is kept in the introduction. "If Democrats enact a public-option health-insurance program, America is on the way to becoming a European-style welfare state." This thought disturbs me, since America has an incredible system now. Swapping it out for watered down 'freedom' is not my idea of progress.

The author's final warning should be reason enough for all of us to call our Senators and Representatives to block government run healthcare, "Defeating the public option should be a top priority for the GOP this year. Otherwise, our nation will be changed in damaging ways almost impossible to reverse."

Hat Tip - Hot Air

Monday, June 1, 2009

Progressives Need a Lesson in Proper Rhetorical Use (and History)

Revisionist ideas of what a 'war criminal' is usually come from the "Progressives" on the left. Typically, Liberals decry any kind of violence and hold sanctity of life holier than all else (except for freedom to abort, but that's another post). Anyone who even hints that some people, because of their actions against our country, do not deserve the judicial privileges American citizens enjoy are hounded and bothered, even at their homes. Mind you, this is not because the person has done anything illegal, they simply have voiced opinions that are not consistent with the "Progressives'" ideas of what is right.

Hyperbole and sophistry are familiar territory for Liberals. Thus it is easy for them to label any slight as a "war crime." However, when you look at the facts of a situation, you will usually see a much different perspective. For instance, this Pajamas TV video relating to the "war crime" of using nuclear weapons on Japan. The facts look at little different than those expressed by John Stewart on his comedy show.

Hat Tip - Hot Air

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Can We Opt Out of Socialism, Please?

What is Socialsim? A short answer can be found in Wikipedia, where they define Socialism as "Any one of various economic theories of economic organization advocating state or cooperative ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of good." So, in Socialism, the State controls businesses, either in part or in whole.

Keep this in mind as you think about how Obama's Federal government tries to get its hands in everything. Government tries to manipulate the economy, with questionable effects. Government intervenes in previously private businesses and banks that are "too big to fail."

Now, even though Obama's budget deficit will be historically high, Obama wants to step in, spend even more money and muddle about with our private health care system. An aside: How does government interference help restore or rebuild our economy? Answer: It doesn't.

This scares me more than most of the other systems, since it has the potential to do several things, none of them good. I've listed some of the effects below.

First, it will INCREASE the cost of care, not decrease it. We would have to fund the system twice, both as patients and as taxpayers. When we go to the doctor, most Americans would still have to pay money out of pocket for service. In addition, taxpayer money would have to go into paying for the administration of this system. And we all know how efficient government administered programs are.

Second, there will be fewer doctors and fewer specialists to treat everyone. Don't believe me? Then quickly review this New York Times article about how the current government run healthcare system, Medicare, is working.

The recommendation from the article seems to be that individuals should find "Concierge Medicine" in their area. The anecdote provided at the end illustrates how coverage in concierge medicine, coverage for services not covered by government funding, saved a person's life. Would a government paid doctor answer the phone after business hours to offer life-saving services? As mentioned above, even with "Government Healthcare," individual spending for appropriate, necessary, life saving care is necessary.

Finally, we would have face a shortage of service. This is the really scary effect, one that will kill people. With fewer doctors and specialists, rationed health care is garunteed. Look at the evidence provided by this video.

With all of these effects of Socialism, why is Obama pushing us further in that direction?

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Really Funny

Gotta love the way the "Progressives" try to discuss Anthropogenic Global Warming.

See more of Michael Ramirez's art at the IBD Editorials website.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

These are PARENTS??

This video is incredible, not for the fact that the teens are "sexting", but for the reaction from the parents after they were caught. I don't think these are real parents.

The callers have some interesting comments. One caller mentions teaching 'personal responsibility' to teens. This means allowing the kids to live with the consequences of their actions.

Another caller, a high school student, points out something interesting. He discusses how promiscuity was popularized by his parents, and so is carried on by the children. It's the old, "I can't hear what you're saying because of what you're doing," argument. And he's right.

What we need is for parents to be real parents and teach their children real morals. This means living within the laws of the land.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Reminder

For those who have given their all, we thank you.

Check out this Medal of Honor Web site.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Awesome Friday Funny... Burn!!

I saw this video and knew I had to share.

The sad thing about this video is it pretty accurately portrays what Obama has done with our tax dollars.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fact Vs. Emotion in the Credit Card Debate

Obama's administration, including many Democrats in Congress, wants to force the credit card industry to cap their percentage rate at a ridiculous 15% (blocked, luckily). However, it looks like the bill they're putting together would reward bad behavior and punish good behavior.

I think the Democratic Congress and Obama are stepping in over their heads, trying to tackle credit card companies during a recession. As this article from the Motley Fool details, there are some major problems when government tries to regulate an industry. In this case, the government meddling and populist backlash against credit card companies will only hurt the industry, and ultimately, all consumers. Even NPR, normally a 'progressive' station, is reporting the regulation could backfire.

The sad thing is, responsible spending and paying attention to your credit card statements, two basic principles of correctly handling a credit card, seem to be lacking in those crying loudest for credit card reform. The example Obama cites for 'unfair practices' is: 

"One... woman saw her credit card interest rate jump to nearly 30 percent because she mistakenly went over the card's limit." (Emphasis mine.)

Okay, so the woman makes a mistake... and it's the company's fault for raising her rate? Somehow this just defies logic.

More personal responsibility and less whining to the government for regulation, please.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Anti-Gun Treaty

Call you Senators and tell them to vote against ratification of the SIFTA treaty. See this video to learn more about this gun registration treaty Obama wants to pass.

At least Senator Barrasso has it right. Our Second Amendment right should not be curtailed. Of course, when you have an anti-gun presidency, you have to work hard to protect those rights.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Bail Outs, as Explained by South Park

This is AWESOME!!! I mean, how else can you explain the government mucking about in the economy, throwing away billions of dollars, without any noticable effect?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Creativity is Needed Everywhere


What I took away from this talk was that curiousity and creativity are present in both the arts and sciences. Without creativity in the sciences, some of our most important discoveries wouldn't have been made. By the same token, art can benefit from the application of scientific knowledge.

The first video seems to work well in tandem with this presentation. This speaker's arguement is for the need to help foster creativity. This means stop crushing creativity. It's only by taking chances that people can really learn; and creativity is crucial in taking chances.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gangster Government on the Rise

The United States is supposed to be a Republic. Our nation was founded on the rule of law, to help protect smaller and less popular ideas from being snuffed out by the rule of the mob, which we would see in a Democracy. In a Republic, laws and contracts apply to all individuals equally. However, our new Federal government seems to be changing that.

This article outlines how Obama's leadership is "undermining the legal and financial stability of the United States." And it's not the only article to notice our President's disdain for the rule of law. The articles touch on some major ways in which Obama's organized labor friends are receiving preferential treatment, instead of being treated equally under the law. Of course, influence pedaling and corruption is the Chicago way.

In addition to issues relating to Unions and other cronies , the Obama administration is interfering in our open banking system. This includes forcing certain private banks and financial organizations, such as Citibank, to take TARP money. This, in turn, gives the Federal Government a say in how these companies are run. This is not open business.

So far, with Obama's administration, we've seen bigger government being more intrusive in our businesses and everyday lives. Couple this with some of the losses of freedoms from Bush's push against terrorism with the misnamed Patriot Act and it's a dangerous mix. This is not how we made this nation great.

The recent tea parties, far from being partisan protests, show more that people are ready for the Federal government to step back out of our lives. If we are to succeed as individuals and as a nation, we need the Federal Government to get out of our way instead of laying down road blocks.

I believe it was Thoreau who said, "That government is best which governs least." On that note, I think we need a better government.

Hat Tip - Hot Air

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Funny

Here is an article about one dedicated soldier. When duty called, he didn't even take the time to pull his pants on. Instead, Spec. Boyd put on his helmet and body armor, then ran out the door.

Someone needs to give this guy some serious recognition for his dedication to duty. Even if the pink underpants are a little tacky. 

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Continuing Coverage of Media Bias...

So CNN ran a front page story about the 'enhanced interogation' techniques, which we use during SERE training for our own military members, not being effective. As evidence, they use the testimony of one man, Ali Soufan. He stated these techniques are "ineffective, slow and unreliable." 

Balance this against the coverage they gave Cheney's request to release official memo's stating the techniques were effective in gathering information about an imminent threat. "Coverage," you'll ask. "What coverage?" And that's exactly my point. 

CNN, by giving more credence and weight to the testimony of an unknown man over the statements of a public figure, is editorializing the news. They are slanting the message to fit what they think the answer should be. I mean, typically, public figures are hounded and their words reported with great frequency. It's the only reason People magazine and TMZ exist. However, in this case, the unknown man's story fits with the narrative the liberal main stream media (but I repeat myself) wants to project. Cheney's assertations just muddy the water.

Can we please get back to the "Fourth Estate" acutally reporting the news instead of just trying to tell a story that supports their views of the world? Please?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

America, the Republic... Thankfully

Contrary to popular belief, America is not a Democracy. Thank God for that. Instead we have a Republic, based on a body of law that keeps everyone in check, including our political leaders and popular individuals. Because we are in a Republic, Senator Ted Stevens was indicted. Because we are in a Republic, some of Obama's origial cabinet choices were rejected for not following the law. The law works to restrict the power of government and gaurantee our individual rights.

This video offers a great definition about the American form of government.

The scary thing about this video is the details about the Fall of the Roman Republic. It happened when some of the rulers started disobeying the law for their own, and their constituents', benefit. This eventually led to Mob Rule (Democracy) and eventual Oligarchy.

As Benjamin Franklin stated, we have "A Republic... if you can keep it." Let's hope we can do the work necessary to keep it. This includes being informed voters and letting our elected Representatives know we want less government interference and the rule of law. Let's hope that's enough.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

US Corporate Taxes Explained... Obama, are you listening?

In this debate about making sure the U.S. corporations pay their 'fair share,' let's take a look at the current laws and what Obama proposes to change. 

This video quickly and concisely breaks everything down in a logical manner. And as anyone who chooses to use their brain can tell you, doubling taxes on U.S. companies abroad is not going to help our recession anymore than increasing taxes on U.S. citizens will.

This tax dodge myth is one Obama is trying to use to his advantage. As the article's author states, "Obama sacrificed substance for grandstanding." Sounds about par for the Obama course.  

Hat tip - Hot Air

Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama is Not Really Helping the Economy

This video is scary. Not only are we in tough economic straits, but apparently the tax money give away that started with Bush and went rampant with Obama is not really helping things.

One thing that struck me is the accounting rules that changed recently. Oh my gosh! It appears that, instead of trying to acurately report items, banks and financial institutions (with the help of our Federal Government) said, "Let's just change how we report things to mak eour balance sheets look better."

I also agree with Black about the bogus stress tests. It's a FARCE and a SHAM! And we know this based on the real facts, not the revised accounting numbers. How do we know the tests are a sham? Stress test doesn't test for asset quality. And, as Black states, "How can the banks all pass the stress test if they collectively need $2 Trillion in U.S. Taxpayer money?"

Also, the whole idea that we can simply inject capital into the banks to make them solvent is ILLEGAL! Black states, "The prior administration violated that law and the current administration is violating that law."

I love his almost blunt answer to the question, "Tim Geitner's the Treasurey Seceratary. Doesn't he know what he's doing?" He starts to say, "No," but backs off and gives a more politic answer, although going on to offer MOUNDS of evidence detailing how Geitner is not qualified.

Watch the whole thing to understand just how screwed up things are right now.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Funny... Not So Funny, Actually.

A great image for Friday. Very telling.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Can Gun Control Work? Probably Not.

I recently read a blog post a friend forwarded to me. The post text is not nearly as important as the video. In the video, ABC News interviews the author of the book Can Gun Control Work?, Professor James Jacobs from New York University. 

I was very interested in what Prof. Jacobs had to say about gun control. I thought his interview would include more emotion and rhetoric than reasoned discussion. Prof. Jacobs approached the subject rationally, with an open mind when he wrote the book. Of special interest is the fact that he's not a gun owner himself.

His answer to the question? "I think it's not possible to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people." You can tell this is not the answer the hostess wanted to hear. She tries to qualify his answer by talking about "trying" gun control if it will save one life. Prof. Jacobs rightly points out, however, the cost of that law would be more than most of society would be willing to bare. Jacobs states that the number of gun deaths each year (almost 31,000 in 2006*) is the cost we pay for gun ownership.

As an example, Jacobs points to the known statistic of traffic fatalities (over 45,000 in 2006**). If we wanted to save one life, we could definitely enact more traffic laws, or even ban all private cars and make everyone use public transportation. Would these laws save more lives? Yes, undoubtedly. However, whether society would actually be willing to do this is another question. 

This interview happens without even touching on an important point, however, the constitutionality of more gun ownership. The 2nd Amendment gives individuals (i.e., "the people") the right to have guns. Any laws developed have to be balanced against this fundamental right.

*This number includes ALL gun related deaths, including accidents, sucides, homocides and officer involved shootings. Numbers based on information from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Understanding the Other Side

This article in the Hot Air Green Room points out some things conservative-thinking people need to keep in mind as they discuss politics with some of their left leaning friends. Of particular note is the descriptive paragraph close to the end of the essay, where the author lists the different types of Liberals and their particular motivation.

Important in all of this is the assumption the conservative "champions both the moral and practical superiority of liberty and individualism." This is opposition to liberals, who support more government "because they need to believe that someone out there knows what they're doing" (emphasis in original) and they want this person to tell them what to do.

Read the whole article.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Controlling the Discussion

As a follow up to Wednesday's discussion about how science is limited by government funding, this video looks at how the Left seeks to silence discussion or opposition to their viewpoints. We call this 'political correctness.'  

When the evidence doesn't support their views, the Left seems to fall back on "Shut up." Anthropogenic global warming in question? Shut up. Obama's bail out program isn't awesome? Shut up. Lower capital gains tax rates will bring in more revenue? Shut up.

Instead of saying shut up, I propose we have a real discussion with real evidence based on real numbers and historical facts. 

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama's Budget Cut... to Scale

This video describes the Obama budget cuts and provides an understandable scale. Remember, the large Federal budget is being driven by programs President Obama wants.

There is definitely a way to cut more from this budget.

Hat Tip Hot Air.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How Government Funding is Stifling Science

This article about research funding is like a snowball. It starts small, and with little energy. However, as it rolls along, it picks up more momentum. By the end, most right thinking people can easily agree that the funding system outlined by Dr. Miller is indeed flawed and in need of redirection.

Dr. Miller's point throughout the article is the current funding system will not fund scientists who do truly groundbreaking work. Miller states, "Peer review replaces true scientific research by only funding those projects that follow the established path." This the problem is this truly damns real scientific research. Miller backs up his assertation with real examples and includes enough evidence to show the need for a different system.

"In 21st century America, consensus and computer models masquerade as science. They supplant experimental data." I agree with this statement.  The current system "develops established lines of knowledge to perfection." However, major advances in science are not accomplished this way. Instead, we need more research where "long-cherished ideas are replaced wholesale by new ones that lead science in a different direction." These new-thinking projects, however, are not funded because of the orthodoxy of the reviewers, not because the new ideas are not sound science.

Read the whole article and judge for yourself.

Hat Tip Crossfit

Monday, April 27, 2009

This is Going to Cause Trouble

So, I read this CNN story over a couple of times and had more questions than answers. However, the bare facts about the raid, as given by the reporter are that US forces entered a house/compound in the city of Kut. Six people were arrested, and a man and woman were killed. Apparently the home/compound was owned by a tribal leader and the individuals arrested, as well as those killed, were family members to the tribal leader.

The US stated they had support and approval from the proper Iraqi authorities. Apparently this is the truth, since the last line in the story states "Iraqi State TV reported that Iraq's defense ministry ordered the arrest of two Iraqi commanders in Kut who apparently allowed the U.S. military to carry out the raid."

Now the Iraqi authorities want to accuse the US of violating the security pact in place. Al-Maliki has asked for the release of the suspects from the raid and to "hand over those who committed the crime" to the Iraqi judiciary. However, if the Iraqi representatives gave consent, as the story indicates, then the US troops did nothing wrong. Of course, facts may not be as important in this case as who you're related to.

Now for the questions:

1) The reason for the raid. According to US intelligence, those detained were affiliated with Iran as a "special group" operating inside Iraq. I assume the US will produce evidence about this (and must have done so in the past to get the permission from Iraqi representatives in Kut).

2) Who was the "Tribal Leader" and how much pull does he have with the Iraqi national government? This is huge because, from my inklings about human nature, it seems like the leader might have cried to the right people in the national government about the raid to have these actions taken. Of course, this is totally against the rule of law, but there it is.

3) Did the US receive approval from the proper authorities? Again, my knowledge of how the US Army operates is that the order would come down from someone high enough in the US forces to allow the planning and execution of the order. The big issue is where the approval came from on the Iraqi side. Was the issue addressed at the proper level? Again, gut instinct says, "Yes, enough to cover the Americans who ordered the raid and executed the orders."

4) How serious is Al-Maliki about prosecuting the US troops? Is this an honest attempt to prosecute people who have actually committed "grave premeditated felonies" or is this more of a move on the Iraqi government's part to flex their muscles and show some nationalist tendencies? If Al-Maliki really pushes this, it can cause trouble between the US and the nascent Iraqi government.

Again, the last line in the news article acknowledges there was some sort of approval from Iraqi authorities. This covers the US this time in a true court of law. However, I believe this action will definitely chill the possible approval for raids in the future.

Friday, April 24, 2009

What We Need to Do

If Obama was smart, he would latch hold of this guy and use his ideas.

Barnett's ideas are incredibly simple when you first look at it, but the devil is in the details. His point is that we have no real transition plan for the work that the Army does. If we had a plan like this during the initial invasion of Iraq, we would have our troops out by now, with a victory in-tact.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stop Giving Away My Money!!!

This article perfectly illustrates my frustration with my government giving away my money to corporations.

The whole idea of the capitalist system is, "You reap what you sow." This means if a company makes bad decisions, the company goes under. Period.

This also means that no company is "too big to fail," contrary to what some in the Obama administration would have you believe. This also means, stop giving them more money when they are failing.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What the Tea Parties are all About

Unless you've been living in a cave with no TV or internet access, you've hear about the recent collection of "Tea Parties" happening all across the country. But what are all of these people saying? What are these protests about? 

This video addresses the root issue, although it comes at the topic from a non-tea party way.

The reason we have so much unrest is because we have such a powerful government that is redistributing our money. People are becoming more and more upset about government intrusion in our lives, both through intrusive laws and high taxation. There is a strong movement against more government.

Call your Senators and Congressman. Tell them that Washington's excessive interferance in our lives is what people are upset about. We want LESS intervention and more reliance on local and individual authority. After all, Amendment IX states, "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." 

This means we, the people hold all of the rights. Our government should work to ensure we can exercise our rights to the utmost.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

He's Exactly Who We Thought He Was

Well, in a previous post during the campaign, I had hopes for now-President Obama. My hope was that Obama's connections to the far left radicals marked him simply as a political animal who would use whoever was around him to get ahead. My fear was he would be more like a true believer and start moving this country to the left.

Based on what I read in this Washington Examiner article, Obama is a believer. It's interesting to note how Obama won the primary election by "out lefting" the rest of the Democratic candidates, and won the general election by moving back to the center. An important note in how he managed to do this was the coddling given to him by the main stream media. With the information they provided, people could hope for a centrist Obama who happened to be among a 'few' bad apples.

However, with his economic BS package and his new budget, Obama has marked himself as a liberal of the higest order. I can't say I'm surprised.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Santelli Telling It Like It Is

This video is AWESOME!!

Every American should be enraged, outraged and severely PO'd by the Bailouts and the BS package. The bonuses aren't really the issue. The real issue is that we put any money into these businesses at all.

Something to remember, the way our system should work is that businesses should be allowed to fail if they are not profitable. Business bankruptcy is there to allow businesses to liquidate their assets to people who have been better money managers, not to the Federal government.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What More People Should Read

This article really hammers the Obama administration on their handling of the economic crisis so far. They really point out some major flaws in how the current administration is handling things.

The part I like best:

"Indeed we should do something—but, as usual, it’s exactly the opposite of what the federal government intends to do. We should cut the government’s budget as drastically as possible, thereby releasing resources for use by the productive sector. (That worked pretty well in stopping the terrible depression of 1920–21.) We should stop the Fed from interfering in the recovery process. We should let the private economy sort out which activities undertaken during the artificial Greenspan boom are genuine wealth-generating activities and which are wealth-destroying bubble activities. The latter should be promptly liquidated so their resources can be better employed by the former.

Meanwhile, we still have some conservatives, frozen in the 1980s, calling for reductions in marginal income tax rates, among other feckless suggestions. Tax reductions are desirable, to be sure, but the crisis we are facing is a systemic one that is not going to be fixed by marginal changes here and there. We need to start talking big changes. We need to open up questions the regime has long since considered closed. We need to talk about the monetary system, the Fed, entitlements, and much else.

In other words, if the Left can advocate $1 trillion-plus annual deficits as far as the eye can see, why can’t supporters of the free market be equally bold in the opposite direction?"

It's worth reading the whole thing, so go read the whole article.