Sunday, March 22, 2009

He's Exactly Who We Thought He Was

Well, in a previous post during the campaign, I had hopes for now-President Obama. My hope was that Obama's connections to the far left radicals marked him simply as a political animal who would use whoever was around him to get ahead. My fear was he would be more like a true believer and start moving this country to the left.

Based on what I read in this Washington Examiner article, Obama is a believer. It's interesting to note how Obama won the primary election by "out lefting" the rest of the Democratic candidates, and won the general election by moving back to the center. An important note in how he managed to do this was the coddling given to him by the main stream media. With the information they provided, people could hope for a centrist Obama who happened to be among a 'few' bad apples.

However, with his economic BS package and his new budget, Obama has marked himself as a liberal of the higest order. I can't say I'm surprised.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Santelli Telling It Like It Is

This video is AWESOME!!

Every American should be enraged, outraged and severely PO'd by the Bailouts and the BS package. The bonuses aren't really the issue. The real issue is that we put any money into these businesses at all.

Something to remember, the way our system should work is that businesses should be allowed to fail if they are not profitable. Business bankruptcy is there to allow businesses to liquidate their assets to people who have been better money managers, not to the Federal government.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What More People Should Read

This article really hammers the Obama administration on their handling of the economic crisis so far. They really point out some major flaws in how the current administration is handling things.

The part I like best:

"Indeed we should do something—but, as usual, it’s exactly the opposite of what the federal government intends to do. We should cut the government’s budget as drastically as possible, thereby releasing resources for use by the productive sector. (That worked pretty well in stopping the terrible depression of 1920–21.) We should stop the Fed from interfering in the recovery process. We should let the private economy sort out which activities undertaken during the artificial Greenspan boom are genuine wealth-generating activities and which are wealth-destroying bubble activities. The latter should be promptly liquidated so their resources can be better employed by the former.

Meanwhile, we still have some conservatives, frozen in the 1980s, calling for reductions in marginal income tax rates, among other feckless suggestions. Tax reductions are desirable, to be sure, but the crisis we are facing is a systemic one that is not going to be fixed by marginal changes here and there. We need to start talking big changes. We need to open up questions the regime has long since considered closed. We need to talk about the monetary system, the Fed, entitlements, and much else.

In other words, if the Left can advocate $1 trillion-plus annual deficits as far as the eye can see, why can’t supporters of the free market be equally bold in the opposite direction?"

It's worth reading the whole thing, so go read the whole article.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Is Anyone Really Vetting in the Obama Administration?

So, let me get this straight. Obama's last few nominations have trouble paying their taxes. Now, it's a bit more than taxes. We have a possible National Intelligence Council chief with, get this, financial ties to foreign governments.

Mind you, these are governments that really aren't friendly to the United States. My question is, why can't the Obama administration find qualified people?

Maybe the administration can't find clean people because they always associate with the wrong crowd.

Hat Tip Hot Air

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Media is Catching On

No matter that Obama initially inherited a troubled economy. He's had almost three months to lay out his policies for moving forward. However, from all indications, he's really messed up.

Here's a great article that takes a look at the changes he's made and how they impact the economy:

1. Raising the tax rate on hedge funds and private equity funds will do nothing but slow investment in new business (and it's already been having a negative impact).

2. The cap-and trade program for carbon emissions (which don't matter anyways) would put a big handicap on any chance already hard hit manufacturers would have rebuilding their business.

3. Housing prices are definitely not going to go up if you make buying houses harder for anyone. Yet that is what Obama's new cut back on tax deductions for home loan interest for some individuals would do.

So far, all of the President's moves have had a negative effect on the economy. Is that what he's going for?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Wall Street Journal's Take on Obama

After reading this article and this article from the Wall Street Journal, it seems our fears about the Obama BS package are justified.

The first article notes that the economy has continued to slip, and even accelerated its slide, with the announcement of the new BS economic plan. Maybe that's because investors read the Congressional Budget Office report stating the stimulus doesn't spend the money fast enough to make a difference and may stunt future growth. It's enough to scare me off from buying anything new, and I live in a 2 income household.

The second article appears to be rather dry, giving statistic after statistic about how the crashing stock market means we have a 20% chance of a depression. However, the last paragraph is very telling. The author reports he believes the economy will recover "despite" the spending past, not because of it.

My big question is, who are the Democrats in Washington listening to? It's certainly not the expert economists and it's not their constituents. I'll say before what I've said in the past, the Democrats used the recession as an excuse to push through a HUGE amount of earmarked spending they know wouldn't have gotten through otherwise.

I'm so mad, I want to cuss.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Definition of Conservatism

As a Libertarian, I have some pretty conservative views. Sometimes these views do not mesh with the behaviors of the Republican party. I am not a party supporter, who blindly votes for one party all the time. Instead, I seek candidates who strive to live by conservative principles.

The best description/definition I've heard of 'conservatism' came from a 13-year-old boy who happened to write a book. He recently gave a speech where he provided a short definition of the principles behind real conservatism.

It's important to note that his definition was simple and easily understood. All real principles are. I agree with his definition. In this video, the principles that he lists as defining conservatism are:
  • Respect for the Constitution - This is the founding document of our country. We should acknowledge that it is the basis for our success and seek to understand what the Founding Fathers meant for the various clauses included in the initial document and the Bill of Rights.
  • Respect for Life -This includes a respect for all other individuals who are fellow citizens with you in this nation.
  • Less Government - The more government interferes in our daily lives, the less competitive and successful we will be as a Nation. Just review the recent problems with our economic woes, where there was too much interference by government, to see an example.
  • Personal (and Corporate) Responsibility - This means that ultimately, each entity or corporation is fully responsible for themselves. No corporate bailout for companies that make bad decisions. By the same token, we should not have life-long government welfare for individuals.
As he stated, the principles are the key to setting any policy, regardless of the Party of the individual trying to pass a specific policy. If you adhere to these principles, you help protect the people and the people's rights, which is what the Constitution was ultimately about.

Hat Tip - Hot Air